Plein Air on the Miramichi

Plein Air on the Miramichi - 2018

Plein Air on the Miramichi

Plein Air on the Miramichi

Plein Air on the Miramichi

Plein Air on the Miramichi

Paint outdoors? Try it.

Plein Air on the Miramichi


President: Linda Gallant
Vice President: Nancy Grey-Legere
Treasurer: Sonja Mahabir
Secretary: Richard Mullin

Terry Matthews

A website for Miramichi Artist and members of the Art Core group.  Our group is open to all visual artists in the Miramichi region.    Meetings are held monthly and are lively discussions of all things of art in nature.

Art Shows and Projects

Another post

This is a sub The Eagle & the Beetle A Beetle once begged the Eagle to spare a Hare which had run to her for protection. But the Eagle pounced upon her prey, the sweep of her great wings tumbling the Beetle a dozen feet away. Furious at the disrespect shown her,...

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Miramichi Art Core Gallery

Black Art

Hello to you one and all; I have been forced to stay close to home with some ongoing medical issues but the group is still on my mind. I have continued to experiment with white on black art. It has progressed nicely and I will share some in the near future. Thanks to...

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Art Classes and Workshops

Drawing Workshop

This workshop was held at the home of Linda Gallant.  Artists from both Miramichi Art Core and the Bathurst Art Society were in attendance.  Here are few photos taken while the workshop was in progress.  

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